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Well, it is the weekend but I don't have a clue what I will be doing. Um, I could go out to a party or the movies, but neither really appeals to me. The party is too social with strangers I never met and we have to dress up..the movie is some chick flick which is completely of no interest to me. Everyone here on the floor who doesn't have a boyfriend is kinda sad, but they are all happy cause they are going to the movies! I told them that my Frodo ufo catcher was my Valentine and they thought that was cute. They seem to like Frodo, most, and they all seemed to enjot my LOTR:TTT Valentines!! All but those who do not know the story - but I gave them Eowyn! She is pretty, ne?
I should study bio or something but..nahhhh. It seems everyone wants to see me get drunk - ok, well, three people, one of whom is my best friend. I like alcohol, yes, but I don't wanna break the law O:) I am in no mood EVER to drink to get drunk. I beleive alcohol should be consumed with an attitude of respect and common sense. Then, it can be yummy and a nice treat on special occassions...or just cafe-days in a European lifestyle. Yeah, but being drunk isn't cool at ticks me off most of the time.
...I wanna watch Two wish I could get to a theatre which was showing it. I am too lazy to And how were we supposed to know that the composition of Oxygen in air at is 21% when the last lecture talked about Seals and Llamas!?! kyaa...What an evil shock that was this morning. I was still sleeping. I forgot what day it was and grabbed an outfit of grey and green...whooppss. And then I sang a Chinese song and said way too many times: Ni hao. It was great fun though :p Chinese is soo fun, even if it sounds so weird! The last row of ltters we learned were great: the zh and stuff. Everyone in class gained a great appriciation for Japanese after this morning!!! They didn't like the four tones I am guessing^^
Tags: aromantic, childlike, friends, language, stuffed animals

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