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Late update for today

Today I got work done, but not the important work!
I did work on my Kabuki-group project, finding info, watching documentaries, scanning photos...Also did some poking at my Chinese menu project. Why did Shen laoshi have to remember that she assigned us that? Also finished Romaji Diary/Sad Toys. Finally, edited the introduction to my thesis. Blah! I should have gotten more done on that! Whoops. I got sidetracked with family trees and names again. Discovered that Hiromasa 'learned how to compose music to Chinese poetry' from his uncle Prince Atsumi (a full brother to Emperor Daigo, Hiromasa's grandfather, as well as his mother's sister's husband). So, um, I didn't get to working on my thesis 'cause look at the fun exciting things! :p
Also, I am wondering if I should - on lj - refer to Hiromasa by his Heian nickname: Chōshūkyō (長秋卿)? I mean, doesn't that sound cool? :3

Tomorrow is gonna be a crazy day! Noh play work, kabuki project work, Japanese speaking hw and wikipedia work, thesis work. Yuck.
At least I had fun last night watching Metropolis a little before falling asleep. Freder and Maria are so incredibly cute together ^.^ Whee, watch Freder as he saves worker number 11811 from the doom of exhaustion! Nooo!

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