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Work on my thesis is progressing! I have the introduction, historical background, and information on the setsuwa bungaku nearly up to first draft stage. Yay!
On the other hand, Japanese project work is a real pain. Simply because I don't have a clear vision for it yet! Yuck.
Honestly, I haven't given too much thought with regards to how to go through with the kabuki presentation, so I hope that goes well tomorrow. Also a Chinese quiz with vocab like "to get a shot" 打针...

I collected more music from the Atlantis video-game. Ahhh memories of the good ol' days back in fifth grade! I went through and poked at my Atlantis story a bit, feeling in the mood and also in order to record ideas I had had at work last Thursday. I have never had so clean and satisfying a story as that!
The other stories I've worked on keep changing to the point that they get confused, long, and bothersome. If only I could get Akitsugu set in a way that works...but I can never seem to do it! I can't decide whether his aim is revenge, learning, or just plain old filial piety! I can't decide and it bugs me. At least I have one story I like^^

I did a lot of writing today!

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