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OCLC, Genjo, lit class, spiritual work

Today: OCLC work! (4 hrs worth!)
It went by fast. I think I am beginning to like cataloging!
(We even got a movie with Ito Hideaki - Hiromasa! but it wasn't Onmyouji...It was one I couldn't find the right record for, actually.)

I did enough work on my thesis to get stuck again on the setsuwa bungaku! Crazy tale literature of the medeival period messing with my head! So confusing. I had to send back for the Jikkinsho. Well, at least I will have some old books again - after I turned in my cute-navy-blue set of Kokon Chumonju today ;_; Yes, Genjo biwa, you are causing me much grief this evening! (That's where I am in the writing stage)
In other literature class news, tomorrow is the last lecture we seniors have in class! XD *joy* or panic? I am not sure. Everybody keeps celebrating the near-end of the semester and I am wanting to cry! Grad school and stress awaits! ;_; And that's *after* I finish thesis stuff.
Anyway, we discuss Mishima's 'My Friend Hitler' tomorrow O.o Hmmm I am scared already! Hitler's not *my* friend, I can tell you that!

I wonder if tomorrow will be any warmer, since today was pretty chilly and breezy...

And now onto spiritual concerns! I am putting it behind the cut because, well, this entry is getting long and not everyone wants to hear my thoughts on it.

Hmmm Easter is coming soon and what am I doing? Getting back into Old Testament history!! (ironic, yes)

I figure I don't know much detail about Biblical history, so I need to get cracking. Also, I am curious about Solomon and the issue of foreign culture/religion/practice, probably after watching Metropolis so many times and hearing them talk about the peoples & Babel (though their version is a different spin, to say the least. Which reminds me, in the book, someone had a prayer that was a mock of something religious and now I forget what it was...all I know is that it was freaky! Hmm I really need to get that book but Musselman library fails me by not having it!! shinjirarehen! Anyway, yes, Babel..."und groß ist der Mensch..." XD)

So, yes, my Bible is getting dusty, and thus I decided to look into somethings, starting with I Kings.
I don't think I have ever read I Kings...(O.o) Though I know the general history, I sadly need to study up! Which is my plan for the short fragmented free time I will have this week in between regular hw and thesis work. Let's see how it goes!

In other religious work, I realized today that, wow, focus and perspective with me tend to get skewed very easily! How fickle is the mind :p I am a human date-book doing nothing but keeping track of dates and keeping harmony between myself and factors such as weather, people, and work. That's

School benkyou is not enough! I must also follow the path of spiritual benkyou!! XD Gambarimasu!

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