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Onmyouji night!

我喜欢看日本电影! (=日本語の映画を見ることが好きだもん!)

Whee tonight was watching Onmyouji with my Genji classmates ^__^ It was too much fun! We ended up watching both movies in a row!? We couldn't help ourselves :p It's been far too long since I have watched them... Now I can't wait to get my hands on the last too manga which have been waiting for me at home for a week or two. I, in my foolishness, had them sent to my home address...Still, though, I wouldn't have had time to look at them, what with all the work I have been under. I need to get the first draft of my thesis done in the next three days! Maybe this will be good inspiration! I am hoping to meet with Hogan-sensei to discuss my topic again, though. I am doing more with the setsuwa bungaku and less with the modern stuff than I'd planned. I am not sure whether to leave in the ukiyo-e study or not?...Hmmm. I am also curious what wimba responses I will get in regards to the questions I asked about it.

Well, somehow I need to get ready for class and soon go to bed... But I am too hyper! Days like this come only once in forever ^___^

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