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warm and productive day, I hope!

Warm beautiful weather!
I got the ok to proceed with my new thesis statement so that's the plan for today! Yay! I am excited to get more work done on the same time...I have an hour 'till dinner and here I am poking at my computer lazily, avoiding it! :p

Oh, and guess what I did at work? I cleaned glass for over an hour O.o; Owww my sinuses were cleared from the strong chemical cleaners! Uwaa!
But I also finished the cart of DVDs that I needed to find in OCLC and export bibliographic records for, and repaired two books that are in bad shape. It was a busy afternoon.

[Edit: 9.54pm]
I looked at the calendar and wanted to schedule scares me.
All I can do is keep up with things as they go - So, my thesis is looking better. I read up on Semimaru and the story of him and Hiromasa is so nice ^__^ Aww... Such a great little story. Waiting three years to share one evening with someone so close in heart and to finally learn something you'd been waiting so long for. No wonder it makes me happy^^
Even so, the schedule-thing has me in shock. guwaah....

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