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Well, I was in the mood for a change, so I introduce to you all: Dev Sibwarra! :)

Dev sat down on Big Blue's flank and
kicked it. When it didn't move, he cradled
his left hand under one arm and let his beamer
dangle. "I faked that hit. It seemed safer
to play dead than to go on fighting," he rasped,
panting. "I didn't seem to be helping you at
all." The trickle across his throat was darkening.
Luke touched the wound. "It's not deep," Dev
insisted. "Just a claw mark."

"Abandon ship," Luke
muttered. "Escape the terrible Jedi and his
mighty apprentice."

"They're scared to death of you."
"They don't want to die off one of their home
worlds. That's why they force slaves and P'w'ecks
to do all their fighting." Dev edged up behind him and
whispered, "Be careful."

I am pretty sure that's what the lines are...^^;

For those of you curious but not familiar with the book, Dev is being used by the Ssi-Ruuk aliens because he has force powers to sooth people. They have him calm down the prisoners they capture so they can then capture their force energies (soul?) to power battle-ship fighters!
When they encounter Luke Skywalker's band, they make plans to have Dev help them capture Luke so as to use him to 'entech' people's life energies from a distance. But it doesn't quite work out that way! :p Yay!

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