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Graduation and since

Yay Graduation Weekend!


Saturday was a long day! I got up early, got washed and dressed and packed up the last of my stuff by the time mom and dad arrived with Wendy's lunch^^ Mmm hamburger. At one was the Honors Ceremony at the Chapel. I sat up in the choir with the other students, and was the first to receive my award - the Asian Studies Award. For my gift I got a book The Princeton Companion to Classical Japanese Literature. I used this book a lot while working out the details for my thesis. It now sits on my desk next to the book about Japan that I salvaged from the withdrawn books shelf in tech services.
During the ceremony they gave a special award to a rather new professor, and this year it went to Hogan-sensei! For her work getting the Asian Studies Dept started! Awww, it was cute because Hogan-sensei was really touched and shocked^^
After this we all walked over to the Departmental Reception in front of Breidenbaugh Hall. There I introduced my parents to my professors, returned Yip-sensei's DVDs, and snacked on cheese, strawberries, and some kind of cheesy-spinach spread. Oh it was yummy, but I didn't get much time to eat as I was chatting. Even Dustin came and that was a nice surprise! My parents enjoyed talking to the sensei^^ heehee
Not long after this, we had to get ready for Baccalaureate, so I hopped into my robes and got in line...where no one knew that they were doing. O.o Hmmm. Everyone's hood was somehow messed up and none of us knew what we were supposed to do. The service was all right but cell phones going off were distracting. The sermon was about the value of love and the preacher repeated: 'I hope you have all fallen in love.' Hmmm. Well, in one way, but... :p
I was glad to get out of the jam-packed church and into warmer clothes (I was in my blue and grey skirt-outfit) but soon my orange hoodie kept me warm! At Hutchison the last preperations were being completed for the picnic! :D It was tons of fun! Mom brought macaroni & cheese, a veggie tray, and dad made his famous sugar cookies. Laura's mom made her always-tasty lasagna (oh it was so good...), and the guys were grilling up hamburgers, hot dogs, and other yummies. In addition there was fruit salad, all kinds of drinks, and many other dishes! Everything was delicious and the company was so much fun!! Laura's aunt was really funny and my dad got to retell the story of how he and mom met and fell in love (which is such a cute story I never tire of hearing^^) They even made a cake for us graduates with our names on it! Awww :) It was delicious - I had a piece later on ^_~ The evening was a bit chilly, though, so we all got tea later on. All that was missing was the campfire!
At 8, we ran out to my grandparents so dad could help put in air conditioners and so he and mom could get settled in for the night. I got to visit for about 2 hours before heading back to Hutchison to sleep. My last night in Hutchison.


Sunday morning 8 am and my alarm got me up. I got dressed and ready in a hurry, then waited until the march across campus to get honors chords and get lined up. In the gym, they had all the chairs arranged as they were on the field before Penn Hall, marked with our names, so we found our seat there and then headed over for our real seats. I was at the beginning of the line and wondering how in the world we were supposed to do this...unfortunately, the people at the head of our line messed up and didn't go around the right way T_T The girl ahead of me finally got us moving the right way and we quickly rushed to get our seats before anyone noticed...whoops.
Once seated it was ok...well, we worried as the sky progressively got darker...and darker and windier...The chemistry flag actually got blown down! Ah yes, the flags came in last and the Japanese Studies flag (white with two pair of black chevrons pointing down) was to the lower left of us facing the stairs.
The ceremony was nice, but a bit long for me as it was chilly and threatening to downpour any minute! :p Still, I enjoyed it. I was too afraid to tripping on stage to actually focus on the fact that I was getting my diploma O.o! Then I had to get my photo taken and sign the book, which was sloppily done as my nerves were on the edge...when I though I was done, there stands dad waiting to get a photo of me :p waaaaii!
When we ended, I ran into my parents between the library and the fountain and together we went to Breidenbaugh for photos with the group! The goodbyes were kind of cut short since everyone was in a hurry to break up, eat, and get out of the cold. It's prolly good, though, since I get weepy so easily...
We ate at a Chinese restaurant and then went to my grandmother's for strawberry cake before packing up and heading home. I think I was the last to get out, because first floor was empty and echoed forlornly.
Upon getting home we all crashed! Whew!


Monday I slept in XD and unpacked, organized my books. Also, we started getting laundry done and went grocery shopping (where I got a donut - YUM - and cheesecake mix - buahaha). Of course, my family was hyped to watch the end of 24, and I watched it with them. It was fun - yay for violence and justice :p


Tuesday we made the cheesecake and I arranged to fill out paperwork at Bucknell for my internship this summer. I start June 5th. I am ok with this, but I am gonna enjoy the vacation time I do have!! XD Matt will start work later, since he will be in Germany with his class after school. He graduates next week!! I am so proud of him ^.^**


I got a haircut this morning and finally replied to a heap of emails that awaited my attention! Among the foremost was an email from my host family in Japan who say that they will be coming to PA in July!! :D They wanna come see me! I am so excited!
Also today, I am making plans to play through Fate of Atlantis, if I can get it to work on one of the computers in my household... O.o;
Tonight Matt has his Honors Banquet, but since only 2 can accompany him, I am gonna go eat dinner with my grandparents (the ones who live here in central PA). They are cool, so I am excited :D

And that brings me up to date. whew. That's a lot of doings...

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