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um..I am procrastinating again :P

I just finally got access to lj! Man, it took all day! I was looking over my Japanese vocab and getting tired already..I switched icons yet again. Maybe I will keep this set for a time. The Setsuka image is courtesy of our dear manga-makers CLAMP. All rights reserved for them and stuff. I just colored and cut the image to fit my journal^_^. Thank you Clamp! In other news, I was trying to explain the concept of Setsuka-chan earlier:
-Seishirou, her son, says in a monologue that she always appeared as a girl (and that[girl] is like me [at heart!]) and the suffix -chan is used for children who are loved and cute.

Uh. I am going home tomorrow. I am glad. It will be good to get out and actually get sleep! 6 hours a night is not enough for me.
The webcomic is up...I am a bit ashamed at my drawing, but I promise to do better in the future, ok? ^^ Arigatoo Reeves-sensei for my slow progress...And Laura-san, feel genki again soon, ne?

I wasn't feeling so great this morning and afternoon till I took some motrin. Thank-God for medication in times of need. Although, we have lost the art of suffering and prayer in that regard...but when I am in pain, all I want is for it to stop..

The snow outside has melted and turned to slush and that has melted. I love the slush - unlike everyone else!! Slush is fun. It is between the water and solid states and is like a gooey puddle - whee!

And before I leave lj, I have to add a new friend to my list - I was so honored when I saw I had been added as a friend - it makes me feel loved^^ Arigatoo! I will be working on Elvish on the car ride home from here!!

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