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Holiday and religious fun!

Today was Memorial Day picnic-ing at my grandparents house! :D We did something a bit different today. Instead of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, we had sausages with peppers (green, yellow and red!), corn on the cob, and mac & cheese. Mmmm. Corn on the cob was great...lots of salt and butter... We ate inside because it was hot outside - it hit 100 degrees. After eating, us womenfolk (^-^) chatted in the kitchen about the potential for me to find a boyfriend someday. It was a bit awkward, but fun :)

We returned home and did more laundry and I played with pandora's make-your-own internet radio station. It's so fun!! I am working on my R.E.M. station - teehee. I have a whole list of music to explore, though! I also mentioned that I needed to make a copy of the Michael Card songs dad has...every so often I wanna listen to him. Today, though, I was listening to Frank Sinatra...singing Mac the Knife?! buahaha!

Tonight, then, I read more Acts and was reminiscing on some Biblical animated videos I used to watch as a kid! Ahh they were so fun, but the only one I really remember is Saul - errr Paul - I mean Saul then....gah! (*dad chuckles*) They are still at church, but I wonder if anyone ever watched them ;_; Prolly not, which makes me sad.
After this, I was chatting with dad about how people nowadays (including me) don't pick up on Classical literature references in books. People even fifty years ago probably would have, but the culture thesedays just doesn't emphasize the classics. It's really sad.
So! I suggested they make a video game series which deals with Classical things. I find I remember quotes better when I hear them in a movie or something, so if they quoted the classics, players would retain that and learn things! Hey, I would play a game where Homer narrated Odysseus' adventures and then you played them! With some ancient Greek subtitles, too - wow, that'd make me cry for joy! :p Wouldn't that be great?! My brother Matt just finished reading Purgatorio, and even that would make for umm an interesting adventure! Maybe not a 'game' but an interactive exploration...desyou?! Or am I just crazy? Maybe^^

After discussing this very enthusiastically, I was reminded of an interactive program that teaches about the great Explorers. It wasn't a game, but you clicked the map and areas to learn different aspects of history and lifestyle. It entertained me soooo much! There was one about Jerusalem, too, and thinking on this, I mentioned to dad that it would be a useful reference to me now, as I work through Acts. So we installed it on my computer and went through some of it^^ It was not as um detailed in maps as I had hoped, but it was fun. Maybe better diagrams are buried it in someplace...

I meant to mention this before, but church yesterday was really interesting. We read the account of Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego in Daniel chapter 3. In reference to this, my father posed the question: 'Why do we believe?'
Do we believe only to make ourselves feel good with the comfort of the promises of heaven and of God's love? Or do we believe for the same reason as Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego?...
These three explain that they believe because it is the truth. They say that their God has the power to protect them, however, the question of "whether" He would or not was up to God. They worship God not because he might save them, but because He is the truth and were they to worship any Babylonian golden image, they would be worth no more than that golden material. The truth is worth dying for. And worth suffering for - which makes me wonder how lax I have become in my own faith...uggg. I need to get more serious.

People probably assume that because I was raised in a Christian family, that's why I am a Christian. Well, let me tell you that it isn't so simple. I have had my chance to explore, and boy, did I. In Japan I took a number of classes which studied Buddhist theory and texts because of my study of tea ceremony and art. I came to understand a lot and enjoyed it, but in the end, nothing made sense.
I since then have questioned myself and I have come to my own decision. And I can't be ashamed of my decision, either. Meekness can be a good attribute, but it can also be a weakness. I need a little fight in me, not for my own sake, but for my beliefs^^ I will follow the God of the Bible, and I must work harder to focus on Him. This is something that requires effort and dedication, for sure, but I don't wanna be lukewarm anymore!! (Revelation 3:16)

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