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Matt's graduation news and misc. including A.D., Memoirs of a Geisha, ...

Pre Graduation (A.D.)
Wednesday morning I got up and drove to Bucknell to watch that miniseries I'd been looking for forever. I found it and went to the reference desk (where I will soon be working) and talked to the worker there and asked about where I could view it. He kindly explained and I set my movies, umbrella, and Bible there while I went to get the 'equipment' I needed. Well, the library wouldn't rent headphones to me as a non-student borrower, so uh, I was told I could watch it on second floor with the volume down? After wandering a bit, I found the TV w/ VCR between the desk and the microfilm machines?! Ah my old friends... I felt bad for the student(s) working there so I left the volume on 2 and strained to catch some phrases for the whole first 3 hours...after seeing the scenes I was curious about I quit and drove home.
This experience taught me a few things:
First, that yes, I can still drive even though it's been months...but that I still fear and hate driving.
Second, that A.D. looked pretty good, and someday I will need to invest in actually viewing it with the sound :p
Third, that complaining gets me nowhere because now, as in December (with Dr Zhivago), I have a great excuse to buy a movie for myself and not feel quite so guilty in doing so ^.^*
Ohhh A.D., what trouble I have gone through for you :p The conversion of Paul was pretty cool, though! And the Ethiopian was so cool! Oh, and of course yay for Cornelius! XD gaahaa! Okok, for all the disappointment, it was a ton of fun :)

[And that evening I watched some (most of) Raiders to compensate...]

Later Wednesday night, though, we had severe thunderstorms in the area, as Tuesday night, so I wasn't on my computer. Then Thursday I had to give up my room to my grandparents who came for Matt's high school graduation! ...

Matt's graduation
Matt had said earlier to gram and pap that if he got one award at the Awards Ceremony, he'd be happy. Well, he got THREE! Yay! He got a really nice one, too! We were all really proud of him! ^___^ When Thursday finally came around, we were all excited for him, I think! Graduation started at 7, so until then we played cards and took photos in the yard. I hope they turn out! ^___^ He was in his green gown, and I, in my black! Should make for some good photos!!
At 6:15 we went down to Bucknell (not again!) and Matt headed off for the door to dress and line-up...I told him to have fun, and he half glanced back...he was focused on getting this ceremony over with!^^ Dad and I found gram and pap already in line?! Wow! They were early! And the line was already very far back. Mom and the other set of grandparents arrived a bit later and together we found seats near the front.
It was a bit odd being out in the audience for graduation. Even when I was a student, I sat on stage because I had to deliver a speech. As I was watching people get ready, I wondered how many of my teachers would come! I really hoped to get to see some of them and chat a while - especially people like Mr. Goodenow and Mr. Fennell :) Unfortunately, neither were there that I could see, and in the end I didn't get to see any of my teachers ;_;
Still, the ceremony was fun! Matt got his diploma and came back to his seat with a grin. I got to clap for all his friends, too! :D Yay!! They all looked so cute in their green robes :p

After graduation we came to the house for cake, pb & moosetracks ice cream, and presents. It was nice to be together ^___^ Afterwards I was really, tired though! And poor Matt!! His new Half-Life game came out and he couldn't even play it because of all the festivities! ^^

Post Graduation (Geisha)
Today my grandparents wanted to watch the movie they got for my graduation gift - Memoirs of a Geisha. Well, we did, and boy was that awkward x.x But aww the romance was soooo cute! I almost cried at the was soooo cute! I was touched XD Ahhh love! But the rest of the movie made me sad and angry at mean ppl - grrrrr!
At least it had a happy ending -- that surprised me O.o;

And now I am here checking email, emailing, and apologizing...shynessislife, I'm really sorry I couldn't be online to wish you well at the Convention. I have been thinking of you and wondering how things are... Again, sorry I wasn't there.

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