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Sunday un/usual afternoon

Ah typical activities for me over the weekend including - studying languages? :)

Again, a bit of time with morse code, but not so much.
Actually, after church we got talking about languages! Today's lesson was Daniel chapter 5 (the writing on the wall)...this somehow led Matt made a comment that he's always wanted to learn Biblical Hebrew (and I have, as well). He added that since he got turned down for the summer class on coding video games, this would give him time to study Hebrew ^_~ I picked up on that and asked dad for some materials that he used when he learned and away we went!

This afternoon Matt and I learned half the Hebrew alphabet! ^__^ It was so much fun :p

Oh, speaking of Matt, lookie at the cute picture of me and my brother: waiii There's a couple other various graduation photos in my scrapbook, too^^

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