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Matt-Germany, work, and A.D.

This morning was a bit earlier than normal. We had to send Matt off to Germany!! He is going with his class - in fact, he probably is transferring to the air bus from Frankfurt to Berlin now... I really hope he has fun! ^___^ Awww it's hard to believe that my little brother is so far away! In Europe without me?! His big sister! :p Imagine that!

Work: began training at the reference desk. It was a lot to remember and I am a bit nervous...I hate answering least the work on the digital collections is something I can kind of handle :p I did some stuff on that this afternoon and attended a meeting downstairs. It was a busy day!

This evening was watching AD [that obscure and taunting miniseries] with the sound and with my family. Whoops. It's kinda silly, but I think it was worth the money... *^-^* Waiii! I got to see Rene Belloq, well, now as Cornelius the roman centurion described in Acts. I am a happy girl.
Also speaking of the characters, General Trimble from Gettysburg appeared in one short scene at a market! I saw him and he looks familiar...but I didn't make the connection 'till dad poked at me. Oh, I guess it was fun stuff^^ and the Roman guy-Jewish lady make such a cute couple...

Anyway, it's off to work with me again tomorrow morning, so I should think about sleep.

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