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pandora radio stations

Yesterday evening I was beat. I nearly fell asleep at 8:30! Work today, though, went quicker and I had some variety, working with the humanities collection. It was fun, especially with pandora!

I decided to make a list of my pandora stations and describe each in three words, so here goes:

R.E.M. Radio. Travel, people, melody.
Jars of Clay Radio. Christian, content, enjoy.
Green Radio. Simple, ordinary, carefree.
Tea Party Radio. Intense, Asia-minor, masculine.
Sinatra Radio. Big Band, singing, classy.
St. Germain Radio. Easy listening, instrumental mixes, cool.
Sarah Harmer Rd. Fun-loving, countryside, summertime.
Delerium Radio. Mystical, light, feminine.

Just a bit more info about what plays on my stations, favorite songs, etc -
R.E.M. Radio. [also including Coldplay, Toad the Wet Sproket]
Jars of Clay Radio. [various]
Green Radio. [various]
Tea Party Radio. [also including 12 Stones, Eisbrecher, the Kovenant]
Sinatra Radio. [various]
St. Germain Radio. [various]
Sarah Harmer Rd. [also including Lisa Loeb]
Delerium Radio. [also including Frou Frou, Dido, Bjork]

Some Favorite songs:
Jars of Clay - Disappear, The Edge of Water
The Tea Party - Transmission, Temptation
Sarah Harmer - Pendulums, The Hideout
Delerium - Terra Firma, After All
Frou Frou - Let Go
12 Stones - Stay, Shadows, Bitter
Dido - Sand in my Shoes, Hunter
R.E.M. - Leave, She Just Wants To Be
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