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work at work and home

At work, the digital collection continues to progress. If I complete editing 100 images a day, I can have the first stage done the last day of July - that's my goal, but I think I will fall short...other work and events keep me busy, too. I have a few meetings tomorrow, I think. Then, there is the beginning of stage two of the project which starts tomorrow, so I need to do some back-editing before we ready the material for the web. Yay, I love my internship! XD

At home, after returning from Prayer service, I organized my old letters/correspondences/cards. It was nostalgic, surprising, and interesting.
Well, once organized, I took addresses from envelopes and compiled all that info into one complete address book. I never did a whole file of addresses from both USA and abroad, of both friends and bosses/profs, so this is pretty nice. I am far from done yet, though.
Guh, it's tiring. Last night I wrote up my dreams for the past few weeks and now this. Though nice at first, it's really actually bothersome after a time. And I told myself to get back into language study! I barely have enough time to see my family and they are just a room away ;_; Japanese manga, Croatian books, and library French books must wait :p

Well, on a happy note, we had corn on the cob today and it was delicious!! Lots of butter and salt and mm'mmm. Church was also nice, but it's hard getting adjusted to the outside humidity after being inside air conditioning. I am a lazy-weakling! My PA tolerance for seasons has fallen short! Noooo
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