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Recent News of all sorts

It's been a while!
Let's see what's been new here lately.

At work, the editing of the Bucknell History [Digital] Collection is going well! We have all the changes made on paper now, and all that remains to be done is inputting that, spot-checking a few areas, and the final review! Then, it will be complete! (Well, for now...) That makes me really happy. At the same time, I am sad that I will be done soon. I really love my work! Even if it is redundant^^ This was a great experience!

On Friday, then, my family and I took a trip to College Park (Washington, DC) to get some paperwork set. We got my student ID card, registered that with the library, applied for a job, and took a look around my apartment building. It is really nice!! I was pleased. We got a lot done, and then on the way home stopped at my grandmother's house. We had a nice visit! She made chicken & bean stew, deviled eggs (*cheers*) and pumpkin pie for dessert! Ah I was happy. To top off the evening, I got to watch some of an old spaghetti western while eating sour cream and onion potato chips...Ahhh.

Today was a lazy sort of summer day. Got up at 9, which was sleeping in for me, and then did some reading of Old Testament history, as I was trying to get some people straight in my mind... Our church is going to start a "Through the Bible in a Year" study, and so I am trying to get prepared for that. In addition, I am hoping to keep up my review of the Psalms, which I have been slacking in lately. Also, as if this were not enough, I am learning elementary Hebrew just because I am curious. (My brother and I both are studying it) I have the alphabet down, so now I am going to combine my study of Psalms with study of Hebrew, since I found a nice online English-Hebrew Bible. It's all very exciting^^
After a lunch of sausages and perogies, mom and I went grocery shopping, tried making chocolate covered bananas, and then we were all invited to go swimming! Yay! It was nice. For dinner, corn on the cob! Then, I don't quite know where the evening went. Made this icon -- it's Hinata from Suki Dakara Suki! Waii!

Tomorrow's plan is: church, church picnic, evening with grandparents. Should be fun -- I am looking forward to it!! ^____^

Hope you all have a nice Sunday! :)
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