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I love the Dune Chronicles^_^

The quotes, the thoughts, the situations, the characterization, the entanglements..I love all of it^^ Yet, finding others who also do is rough. I know many who have heard of it, but no one - it seems - has read and loves it with the passion I do! I don't wanna see the miniseries', I really don't. I just wanna make a manga out of some of the stuff. I picked my Dune I book up last night and read 2 pages and had to pull out my sketch pad and do a doujinshi-fan art or whatever version of it!!! I can see how they would make an anmie/well, preferably manga, out of it! It is PERFECT!

[But, no one better steal my idea now or I will be forever scarred and unforgiving! ;_; I am a sensative person and have little to call my own..well, ok I have a bunch of obscure things like Titanic and Tokyo Babylon and my Frodo ufo cather^^!! Just let me have my little own peice of Dune, too ne? I only ask for a bit. Oh..I am forgetting, no one I talk to knows anything about Dune - so what do I have to worry about?! Sorry - I didn't mean to sounds mean. I am overprotective of my obsessions - *hugs Dune books and Frodo* then..*makes Frodo read Dune* :D teehee.]

But I doubt anyone ever really put manga and Dune together but me...hmm. Well, I have class, but when I get back and study and do webcomic work I shall read and draw DUNE MANGA!!! muahahha! I love Dune!

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