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August News

Lots has been going on, but I haven't gotten the chance to post lately.
First and foremost in the news is the fact that I only have one and a half more weeks of work before I leave for school! Just in time, too, for we are finishing work on the Bucknell History Collection! This is a big accomplishment, and I am pleased ^___^

Well, everyone in my family is getting ready for the shift. On the two spare beds, we have piled up all the supplies I and my brother will need for school - from towels to notebooks. Oh, moving in will be interesting, for sure. Today I flattened out some posters - Icarus and Zagreb ones - I am excited to decorate, but also anxious about starting something new.

Then, I got my second fun purchase of the summer after AD: Bjork, Family Tree! It's a set of CDs from Bjork, and I am enjoying it as I type^^ I've grown to be a big fan this summer after listening to pandora radio. My brother, then, is spending his money on a new gaming mouse for his computer. He is tracking the package as it makes its way to the house...

In other big family news, we got a family cell phone plan. I had never had a cell phone, and starting this semester I wouldn't have any kind of phone service in my apartment room, so it was a neccessary evil...though it's turning out to be pretty fun! My brother seems to enjoy it more than me, however! If anyone ever wants to give me a ring, just email me and I will give you my number. (I only have so many minutes, though, since I share this plan with my family.)

Finally, there is my new lj background...not sure if I like it or not? It's kind of busy... Still, it's different :) Now I need a new computer bkg as my old one is..well...old.
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