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Tuesday - Last week of work, Rome

It's Tuesday of my last week of work at Bucknell's library. So far, it's been busy with work, and other miscellaneous things. Last night my family spent the evening visiting a neighborhood friend who has since gone off to navy boot camp. We hope he does well! :D Also, we watched Indy and Matt played a little Rome on his computer. We had plans to make cookies, but we didn't get around to it.
Speaking of 'Rome Total War', Matt revealed to me the set that includes Shogun, Medieval, expansions, soundtrack and an art-book that is only $20 more dollars than Rome?! How wonderful!! I need to buy it...someday^^ I need at least one computer game, ne!
Though, really, I would be happy with Rome - for the music and Mediterranean settlements are quite fun! I was contemplating which faction I would choose to play as...I wanted to be Macedon, but I am not sure if you can. Well, I'd settle for Seleucid - the region of Babylon, Damascus, Caesarea, and Ephasus! Anyway, that is me dreaming ^__^

I didn't get to taking photos for the buildings project last week, but the plan is to do it tomorrow!! XD YAY! You can't imagine how excited I am - such a nerd. I get to go take photos of over a hundred campus buildings...mmm. The architecture is neat, and knowing the history makes it exciting, but really it's just the fact that I have worked with these buildings for a whole summer and they have become like friends...or something. ^^ Anyway... ROME!

'9 o'clock pwnage', says Matt. [He has returned from his room from Counter Strike Source and is hitting the beachball around!] His birthday is coming up -- I hope he likes the gift(s) I got him :3

Well, in the news of correspondence, I emailed the Amateur Radio club and asked if they would mind if I drop by to see what they do (yay for radio/science/telegraphy/morse).

Then, I got an email from Yonezawa-sensei asking if I wanted to work on a new translation project. I don't know how many of you remember the book I translated with her during the Fall last semester. Well, the writer, Mrs. Hamamoto, has just completed a second book, which will actually be sold on the general market. Yonezawa-sensei learned about it when she visited Mrs. Hamamoto and the Kyoto Lighthouse (where they help the blind to learn to complete everyday tasks). If I have time I will be taking that on as a new project. I really need to brush up on and cram new Japanese kanji & grammar, though.

And I leave you with a wild story.
Yesterday my brother and I sat outside for lunch at a picnic table. At 12:30, as he got up to go inside, he turned his back to me, and just like in Raiders of the Lost Ark, a GIANT BUG appeared on his shoulder. It was at least 5 inches long and over an inch across, brown, with a flat, large, oval abdomen that was ridged with a sharp jagged edge. [Later I looked it up and it was in the 'True Bugs' order - Hemiptera, related to shield bugs, wheels bugs, stink bugs, and the like.]

Then I yelled -- "Don't move!"
Matt jumped! "What is it?!"
I reassured him: "It's not a spider!..."
".. -_- ..."
I took the water bottle and brushed it off. It didn't fall, but flew away!? Yikes! Creepy huge bug!

Today we ate inside.
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