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End of summer work - - beginning of school

Sorry I haven't been online, everyone.
The days here have been wild! Let me go back and recount some of them...

Wednesday: Bucknell buildings photo shoot day!
My parents came along for the exercise and to help me keep my notes straight, which was great, because otherwise I don't know how I would have done it! There were 68 buildings to take photos of, and I think I had a total of 207 pictures. It took me from 9am - 3pm with only a half an hour break for lunch. I was so exhausted! My legs ached and I was sick of buildings :p I didn't want to see another dorm! Still, I enjoyed it ^__^ The weather was great and in the end I was glad I could do it. I hope the pictures turn out all right.

Thursday: Luncheon with the Slifer House crew!
Yes, I don't work there anymore, but I was still invited to the end-of-summer/happy birthday lunch on Thursday! I had to drive my brother's car to meet them at Country Cupboard (a local family-style restaurant with a huge and wonderful gift shop!). Everything went well, though, and I was relieved. It was nice to be back with some of the old gang :) Then, other faces were new! I enjoyed it and even got chocolate candies as a dessert treat!! Non-pariels! XD Lunch was really tasty, too! I got a chicken-salad melt with fries (the big, yet crispy kind...). Sooo good. I want to go back...

Friday: Work and goodbyes.
Work on Friday involved cataloging new buildings pictures for the Bucknell History Collection that they were just ready to upload! Yikes! I think we got 1/3 of the way through the new set...too bad we didn't completely finish.
For lunch, my 2 bosses took me out to an Italian restaurant. I think it's the first one I have ever been to... The food was wonderful!! I got the grilled chicken salad with cheeses and tomatoes and onions...also had an amazing chocolate-raspberry-ice cream dessert. I was in awe of its beauty and goodness! The company was great, too! :) We talked about the Baltimore aquarium, librarianship, and and they gave me wonderful advice! I took notes throughout the summer of all the advice they have given me and it's added up to quite a few pages... ^__^ I really appreciate all they've done for me. I will miss working with them! But I think I am finally tired of Bucknell buildings...can you believe it? :p

Friday evening: To the mall!!
I gave in... I made a deal with my brother that if I bought the box set of Total War: Eras, I'd let him claim the Medieval game & expansion if he chipped in on the price. He agreed and we raced to and from the mall. I giddily uninstalled junk from my comp and defragmented it to prepare for ROME! :) I installed it that night and went through part of the prologue (before becoming bored with it's simplicity). I started a real campaign the next day.

After all this, I collapsed, because Wednesday's athletic rigors, Thursday's hard work in the air conditioning, and Friday's excitement drained me completely.

Saturday: Ummm...I forget.
Oh, packing day, Chinese food day, Rome day.
During the hours of the morning, I packed up things in my room - school supplies, books, posters, printer paper, etc. This took a while and so we got to lunch late at the Chinese restaurant. We haven't been there in a long while, so the chicken & broccoli and dumplings tasted really good... Well, a little while later, guess who showed up but gram and pap!! We couldn't believe our eyes! Gram is not a fan of Chinese food at all, while Pap is. He always begs her to go with him for Chinese but she never agrees; and so that very day we planned to get him a gift certificate to the Chinese restaurant, but he showed up with gram! We enjoyed sitting with them, eating egg rolls, and treating them to lunch in person :D We couldn't have planned it better ^___^ After this we ran to Staples for a little pencil box (which they didn't have) and then to Wal-mart for film and other things. The rest of the day, I played Rome :3 Well, and packed more, and got together the birthday gifts for my brother.
Rome is really a lot of fun!! I chose to start a campaign as Scipii, the faction which owns southern Italy and Sicily. I am off to conquer Carthage -- the faction my brother plays as -- buahaha. I will probably be playing this game a lot in the next few months, and if you are curious to see, my status will be on my xfire profile:

Sunday: Church & Birthday party
Today was the last day I will go to my church for a while...It was a fun sermon today, too! Dad talked about how different "vitamin deficiencies" of the spirit can be treated in reference to the parable of the sower and the kinds of soil in Matthew chapter 13. After church, mom and I got chicken boiling for the lunch picnic. We spent lunch at gram and pap's, feasting on barbecue chicken, potato salad, biscuits, and baked corn. Since pap and Matt's birthdays were close, we celebrated with a giant cake & ice cream. The cake was triple layered and we put in a whole load of candles in different colors^^ The two blew out their candles at the same time and got them all! It was so cute^^
Matt for his birthday got a poster he wanted (Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam), a new wallet, which he needed, and I got him a gaming T-shirt he'd asked me for :p He told me that he didn't actually think I would get it...but for a counter-strike obsessed student like him, I couldn't refuse his wish! :) It hasn't come in the mail yet, though, so he's eagerly awaiting it now...
This afternoon we all returned home to rest - a much needed rest. I marched my Scipii into Lilybaeum^^ Then we headed back to gram and pap's for an evening of sandwiches, strawberry-pretzel dessert, and sitting on the porch, playing with the cats. It was a cool, pleasant evening. A couple of bluish-pink stained clouds dripped horizontally across the edge of the horizon, lazily drifting along. Crickets were jumping about and the cats were all in a friendly mood. I will miss Sunday evenings visiting them...

And now, for tomorrow, I must finish packing. I may be online, but I can't be sure, because it is really hectic. I am sure I am forgetting to do something. Hope everyone else is getting along all right and best wishes!

[Note: I talked a lot about food in this entry. I think this is an old habit I developed in Japan, where meals together with friends and loved ones become the subject of photographs and memories. Ahh, appreciation and fond memories.]
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