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Regrets & Anticipations

Well, I am moved into University View in Maryland.

It was a crazy day to get that done yesterday; and I am glad that day is done.

We left at about 8 am and arrived by about noon. Thankfully, the apartment building had huge sturdy boxes on wheels to transport things upstairs to the fifteenth floor, so moving it to the room wasn't too bad. My quad-mates had already decorated the living room and it was so pretty!! It really looks professional^^ I love the colors -- mint green, brown, pink, light blue. I even had a name sign made up :) So nice! My quadmates were really friendly and we all helped each other move in - yay!
In my room, we did rearrange a bit of the furniture, and managed to get everything in it's place by 6 pm, when we had to leave the parking garage downstairs. I get my own bathroom -- a first for me in my whole life! It's very big and clean, so I am happy. I don't have a lot of shelf space, but I think it will be ok. 'Lament for Icarus' and my Civil War paintings calendar are both hanging on the wall, and Indy (Raiders of the Lost Ark) framed-poster is sitting on my dresser^^
After we got the cars out of the garage we stopped at the bank (which was insane - we nearly had two collisions), and then sought out a restaurant. Matt (from Mom's car) spotted an Arby's and we quickly swung in for chicken sandwhiches. Guhhh. Matt and I were shaken. Mom looked tired. Dad was ok - we all were trusting him. We waited in the restaurant for a while till traffic died down and then mom and dad dropped me off and started back for home, with Matt as mom's navigator and my informant. I called every so often to be sure they were ok...I was as scared as they were. In between updates, I called my grandparents to let them know we made it safely!! They appreciated my calls and wanted to catch up on all the news! After mom, dad, and Matt had crossed in Pennsylvania, I felt better and got a shower. Ah, finally I could relax. They got home at midnight, I think. We all slept well. City lights here and fireflies there.

Today, then, was also involved...kind of... I woke up at 8 am, again, ready to get things done! I organized papers, read info, got prepared. I cooked an egg for breakfast - it was funny-looking, but tasty. Then, I played Rome for a while to unwind. I successfully blockaded Carthage but then was ordered to take a settlement with 2x's as many troops as any of my settlements!? Waaa! I didn't do so well...and Carthage kept laying siege to my colony at Thapsus! Guh! Still, it was very absorbing...addicting, maybe.
Then, at 2, I journeyed to campus to run errands. Checked in about changing my advisor, got my textbooks (almost got a box of Chinese history books because my order had been mixed up!), ate Chinese beef & broccoli w/ white rice for lunch, snatched a shuttle bus schedule, and then headed back. It was really warm and I was exhausted after that was done! Whew.
I chatted on AIM, heated up some lasagna, showered, and read Socrates...what a pleasant way to spend the evening!

About Socrates...
I was reading some of Ion (discussion on the nature of poets) and I had this deep felt regret for not majoring in Classics. If my major was going to be something odd and supportive of libraries, I might as well have taken Classics instead. Oh well! I just need to find someone who loves Sophocles and Socrates as much as I do :D And there's also always the hope of being able to sit in on university classes for free if I work at a university library...maybe^^

I think I need another week to recouperate from the past day or two...

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