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Orientation Day One and rest

I woke up before my alarm at 6:45...sleepy, I wished the alarm not to sound, but I did turn it off a few minutes before it could. I grabbed some pita bread and water and then headed off on the walk uphill to class. Getting there early, I went to the Union Building to get a bus schedule and then read a bit more of Socrates.
Orientation, I found, was generally the same as it was in the spring. I was really glad I went, though. I met a lot of the students: one with the same last name as me (who I sat next to during the last sessions), another who maybe wants to go into medical librarianship (I ate a lunch consisting of a chicken salad sandwich with her outside), and one who likes cats (who I talked to while waiting upstairs for my advisor), to mention a few! :)
I also got the chance to meet my advisor, which was a really good thing. He met with his advisees one-on-one, unlike all the other professors/doctors, who had to meet in groups. He said my schedule looked fine for now; but to come again to meet with him once the spring schedules are out so as to discuss plans for being a cataloger^^ or maybe something else if Information Technology (LBSC690) or some other class steals my interest! I was very grateful for his comments and look forward to planning my future coursework! Cheers for having a good advisor!
Orientation didn't end until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, so by the time I returned to my room, I was beat. And I was surprised to see the elevators not running at the apartment!? Mmmm 15 floors up...^^ Megan's daily dose of exercise...
I forget what I did the rest of the day.
Oh yeah, I Skyped, watched some AD, and updated my Hebrew vocab for the week. Then I collapsed into bed! x.x

Day here in the room.
I spent the day focusing on my devotionals. There was a lot in my mind to sort through and a lot to read through! I have been reading the Gospels and am now up to the third chapter of Luke I think. My father is also reading through these, but in Greek, and he tells me that Luke is the hardest Gospel to read in Greek because of the vocabulary. My dad impresses me with his language skills! I want to be like him! ^__^
I played some Rome today, too! I successfully took the city of Lepcis Magna!! I was really pleased. Now I have to make some more money, since I spent a ton on that last campaign. Wonder what my next target will be... I must say that it is fun to sail my fleets about the Mediteranean, and I am also very proud of how Publius did today in the battle^^ heehee. It was a bit chaotic! I had laid siege to Lepcis for 2 years and then they surrendured...well..they charged me! They came in waves, then retreated, then attacked, then retreated...I kept getting messages that they were falling back, but sorry for them, they had nowhere to run! ;_; For all those troops, the city only has a population of about 1400 I can't even build them a port?! Poor city.
Also in news today, I may be switching rooms in my building. I am not sure yet if I can or will, but it is a possibility. Someother student requested my room, and so I am entertaining the idea...we shall see.
For dinner, I made a pita-bread sandwich with the ham left over from breakfast and cheese, along with a side of sour cream and onion chips and a cup of orange jello with mandarin oranges. Ahh it was delicious! And very filling. I ate it on my bed as I listened to music and watched the sun sink behind clouds and smog.
Tonight's plan: more vocab study, more Psalms study, Skyping with my parents, grandparents, and brother before Matt goes to RIT tomorrow. Tomorrow I plan to go to church -- that is, if I can find my way there!

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