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*sigh of worry*

Well, the day started out normal. Then, me and Laura-san discovered that the Tea Ceremony experience this Thursday conflicts with Japan 150 class - odd but true. Then, we get to that class (which I had today) and we saw a special documentary thing on Hiroshima and the bombing. I felt so horrible because I was so sorry for was that terrible feeling in my guts, and I wanted to cry. I didn't. I cried later. Over hours of work on just a few chemistry problems that did not work out for me. I am a wreak...uggg. I gave up on the homework..I just stopped. I never do that.
I did do one good thing today. I rearranged my desktop. The wallpaper is a Dune landscape from the SciFi Channel. The icons are all Dune-related except word and the Recycling Bin which wouldn't change over. My AIM icon is the Mummy, but I will soon be changing it back to LOTR for Sylvia and Dad. The screens are no longer blue-boxed, but "olive-gold". I love it. Now all I have to do is read Dune again.
I want to draw everything. Yuki and Keiko = my two little people - X fanart - Reeves webcomic - Sylvia and me as Elves -Setsuka-chan - MGS chibi art...I just want to be set loose. But I have homework, and it isn't going well at all. I have to go to bed and hope to wake up to a better day, but it is an early morning of the dreaded chem lab day.
I am quite distressed.
Tags: art, books, color, depression, drawing, fear, order, schoolwork, sensitivity

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