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Labor Day 2006 - visits and preparations

This weekend was a long weekend of doing homework! But today was a break from that -- my parents came to visit!
They brought with them groceries (hamburger, broccoli, soups, cheese, etc) and some homegrown goods from my grandmother's place (pears, peaches, & potatoes!). Speaking of which, I want to try raising a small garden someday! My grandmother grows a whole bunch of things, and not only does it look fun, but it looks tasty!^^ In spring she has berries, and in summer she has broccoli/cauliflower and tomatoes, then in fall she sometimes has melons, corn, and other goodies. She cans some of it, and she also makes jams and pies. I need to learn how to can...I hear it's a messy and long job, though. Still, all her foods are so good because they are homegrown and homemade!! We tried growing a garden when I was a kid, but the soil up in our area is full of shale and not so good for backyard crops.
Anyway, the visit was a lot of fun today! :) We went to the ihop and got a tasty meal, then took a walk, and chatted about the latest news. Also, mom brought sheets that fit my new bed (since I moved from the other apartment!) and dad got the microwave to work right. Hooray! They didn't have too much trouble with traffic, so I was very thankful.
Tomorrow, I have to set up my work schedule and then I have Information Access at 2pm. I am a bit concerned about it, since I didn't read all 12 articles and 2 textbook chapters... Waa! I printed the articles out, though, and plan to get most of them read before class. Also, the textbook reading is finished - yay! It was all about reference librarians and how to become better at the job. I don't really want to go into reference, but it can't hurt to know! I did a little time at the ref desk this past summer and found that while I love research, I don't feel very confident in being able to assist others in research, especially when it concerns government legal documents...
And I am still fighting this throat-centered illness. Die germs! I will have to remember my Olive Leaf...

I will be back with more updates later, but that's good for now I think!
Hope everybody had a nice Labor Day and have a good week! :D

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