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Current Status (Week 3 at CLIS at .umd)

Current status:
--completing reading journal entries for this week/next week for LBSC650
--ploting out how to begin my LBSC650 project (more on this later)
--temporarily putting other coursework on hold until I get LBSC650 under control
--getting settled into work :)
--attended "State of the College (CLIS) Address"
--missed radio club again!
--my hardboiled eggs will expire this weekend, so I have to eat them! (I didn't realize that they would go bad faster than regular, raw eggs...)
--still haven't had time to get through the rest of Genesis
--maintaining a decent sleep schedule

About the Address:
I had a nice time this afternoon. The speakers were all fun to listen to and I learned a lot. In particular, we heard about current research projects are plans which will be taking place in the future! These include the introduction of an undergraduate minor in Info. Sci. and the refurbishment of the second floor of my College's building (Hornbake). I am sorry I missed the cake afterwards, but I was in a hurry...

About radio club:
I left the meeting at 5:00, which gave me an hour to locate the club. Well, even with all that time, I managed to get lost! My map was not helpful in describing where the buildings were...I ended up finding the right building by stumbling upon it! When I did, however, I still didn't know how to find my way out of that sector of campus and back to my apartment...So rather than attending club and trying to find my way in the dark after sunset, I started back a little before 6:00, missing club altogether. I did run into the Chapel on my way home, though! What a surprise! My shuttle goes right past it and I never knew (since I always sit on the wrong side of the bus).

Right now I am not as tired as I am disoriented from multitasking! I think I shall get to bed and try to sleep it off.

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