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Studying only kills brain cells

It is Friday night and guess what I am doing^_^ Studying;_; Yep. That would be me!! But I am not letting it get me down - I ordered (or rather, my great Dad^^) the Soundtrack to the Dune Miniseries - hey, it was a pretty good use of ten bucks. Saves me from ordering one sushi meal, but hey, we all have to make sacrifices! :D

I am giving my head a rest before moving from bio lab to asian art. Whew, this is wicked stuff. The notes I mean. I tried drawing more Dune, but I was sad at how it turned out, so I quit and studied. I got to eat dinner with the Jpn House guys :P It was fun - I had Servo's tasteless version of fried clams (better no taste than the alternative!!). The guys are nice - I hope we all get the house! Japan House: The Nine (three girls and 6 guys who all love Japanese video games and stuff - it would be fun, esp. to have tea ceremonies! XD).

I want to draw Dune well, maybe I will try again later. I wish I had some Dune-loving net friends so I could draw and contribute stuff. But I am not good enough anyway - just look at the webcomic - it is funny, but my artwork is kinda isn't all my fault - I have never really done pen and ink before, so I resorted to penstix of a too-thick ef size. ~.~ *sigh* ah well. Maybe I will draw Dune better! ^^ Think of the plot and colors on the covers XDXDXD It is so exciting!!!! Yipeee!

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