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さあ、皆さんは元気ですか。あたしは元気です!図書館の勉強はたいていつまらないんですけど、時々面白い読書があります。「図書館」は本当に複雑なことです。主に、図書館って聞くと、本というな物を考え始めるでしょう。でも、図書館員は本以外に、E-Bookやインターネットで読めるざっしも買います。このころ、人達はインタネットだけ使いたがってるので、図書館員はそのお願いをよく考えます。若者はいつもIMで会話するので、あるところで、図書館員もIMを使います。たとえば、学生が茶道について質問があれば、立たずにIMで図書館員に聞えます。便利ですね!そして、なまけものですか? ^_^

It's been a while since I wrote in Japanese!
So, how is everyone? I'm fine! The study of libraries can be dull sometimes, but sometimes I have interesting readings. The idea of a library is quite a complicated one. In general, when you hear the word 'library' you probably think of books or something like books. However, besides books, librarians must buy E-Books and articles you can read on the internet. These days, people want to use only the internet, so librarians must really consider these requests. Young people always chat on IM, and so, in some places librarians also use IM. For example, if a student has a questions about Tea Ceremony, s/he can ask the librarian via IM without even having to stand up. Pretty handy, isn't it? Or is it laziness? ^__^

そうそう、ホスト・ファミリの犬(ボニーちゃん)のワンコ(子犬)の写真を見られます!! どうそ:

Oh, that's right, my host family's dog (well, the one they are raising - Bonnie) had puppies and their pictures are online! Go see them! XD
Oh, they are so cute!

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