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a bit weary from stuff

I get overly tired when I have a week of 6 hour nights, a feild trip Saturday morning, studying all the time, stress, and drawing which doesn't come out right! But it's all good. I still have my sanity and sense of humor. I want to draw the Dune manga ideas - I did one part of the actual book today as a very sketchy sketch and lasy night I did the most awesome sketch of Ghani and Leto II Atriedes from Children of Dune. I felt special. My Dune cd is gonna be shipped this week and should take only a week to arrive at home in time for Spring Break I am hoping. I am really tired, and I want to be creative but I am just really tired. This week is gonna be crazy. Once it is over I will be free! not really, after I remember I have A STINKIN BIO PAPER! I hate Sciene! ;_; Why does it have to be so..unartisticly attractive to me?

I want to draw, but drawing not well makes me sad. Hmm..draw or study? sleep or draw? sleep or make icons? be or not to be -!

I end with a Dune quote - a clear cut and favorite of mine: What do you despise? By this are you truly known.
--from "Manual of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan (From Frank Herbert's Dune).

and I hate labs :P
Tags: art, books, me, music, schoolwork

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