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Collection and Transition

This week, I have made frequent trips to the Circ desk to check out books: diagrams of the Tabernacle, an Atlas to the Bible, that sort of thing. I have also been accumulating a lot of work but only slowly getting things taken care of. This is not a good trend!
By now, nearly all of the Reference class projects have been released. I haven't even completed the first one, yet. Information Hunt Part I includes contrasting the collections of subject libraries (for me these were art, architecture, and chemistry), as well as reviewing the nature of access to e-journals and e-books. Information Hunt Part II involves studying objects in an archives relating to agriculture, then finding a patent and discussing the organization of patents, and finally studying the reference interview via different means of communication (in person, by email, on AIM, etc). The Resource Evaluation has us go and find 6 reference sources (a dictionary, bibliography, index, encyclopedia, almanac, and directory) and then study reviews & the materials themselves to evaluate their usefulness in a particular situation. These are the projects. There are also weekly course readings, handouts, overhead notes, and an online component which involves various discussion groups and activities. This one course makes me feel like I am in over my head.
I don't even want to think about the other classes I have! Well, actually I really enjoy LBSC690 ^.^ Web-design is fun!
Besides this, I have finished off the lettuce in my refigerator and enjoyed McDonald's hamburgers twice in the past few days. Yumm. The ones here are actually really good.
Work is going fine. I got to make webpages today! Well, mainly it was just cutting, pasting, and slapping stuff on templates, but still :)
Leviticus is the sermon topic of the week, but I have only gotten through the Burnt & Grain Offerings so far... I need to step up the pace! And do my homework, and remember to eat, too. Resting is not a problem - I have actually been kind of laid back and not in too much of a rush to get things done. I needed that after this weekend, but I think now I am getting behind...

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