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Luncheon hustle and Communication bustle

Luncheon today: I was quite involved!

Well, I got to work today and my boss said: 'I have something fun for you today!'
Megan: Ohh, we do?
Boss: Yes, you do.
Megan: ...

As it turns out, today was the Welcome Luncheon for the new staff at UM Libraries. And I was ordered to go find the organizer of the event and do whatever she told me! I nodded and rushed off to begin my duty! :D Yosh'!
They already had a lot done by the time I got there. The tables were really cute, each with a combination of black, red, and yellow tablecloths with little fall-leaf confetti. I helped some with this and then stood watch while everyone went off to gather up other miscellaneous supplies. One of the reference librarians stayed behind with me to guard the room and we read professional library literature at the table together. Woo, I felt smart^^ I learned some more about metadata from the July issue of a journal whoes name I forget...
Before long, I was on my feet again! Flowers to cut and arrange, balloons to untangle and place. It was about then that the food started coming. Once it did, it was a rush to get it ready, unwrapped, and then we ate! Mmm, there was a lot of tasty food and the company at my table was very nice. The people here are all so nice :D
Now, normally I work from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Well, the luncheon didn't end until 1:30 and then there was clean up. Technically, I could have left, but I stayed and helped get everything cleared out. Carrying the big metal easel back to where I stole it for the sign, wheeling carts of leftover foods & supplies to the storage room, and other such tasks.

It was funny because at the end of it all, one of the helpers thanked me many times over, and said: 'I don't know who you are or where you came from, but thank you! You just dropped out of the sky and were ready and eager to help!' :D Woo-hoo, that's what I am here for ^___^ Just tell me where to go and I will see that it gets done!! Days like this make me feel productive^^

Class updates: The latest news on classes, classwork, with microfilm, periodicals, and a rotten banana thrown in.

After the clean up, I went about McKeldin tracking down obscure book reviews in Periodicals in the moving stacks. Let me say, in trying to pull some of those periodicals off the shelf, I nearly had to pry them apart from one another! They probably hadn't been moved in decades and the bound covers were stuck together. Oh, and I found a rotten banana in one of the moving stacks...Eww... I picked it up and tossed it in the nearest trash can.
Well, as it turned out I couldn't find two of my readings for class in the Periodicals, even though they were in journals. T_T ...I grabbed an empty computer terminal - the only one in sight - and went back to find out where the mysterious texts were.
Then I saw it: Microfilm. Ahh, the dreaded word! (lol) All librarians joke about how they hate microfilm. I actually like it, but I hadn't used it since High School. I asked a librarian for help in setting it up and then took off! They even printed out the pages just the way I wanted them :D Hey, I could get used to this! Forget e-journals and the pain they cause me! >.o

After my library adventures, I took off to meet with my partner about our presentation. It went fine. Something ironic about it, though. She is going to Gettysburg this weekend (YAY!) and she wants to stop at McKnightstown. I know none of you know McKnightstown -- and for good reason. It is a tiny village with no claim to fame just outside Gettysburg!! But, her last name is McKnight and so she is quite excited about it! I am excited because McKnightstown is my mother's hometown! So, tomorrow both my classmate and my parents will be in McKnightstown! XD
Yeah, my parents are coming to visit me Saturday and are stopping in at my grandmother's the day before. Whee! Tomorrow I have Bible Study and then tons of homework, which I don't want to discuss. :p

The evening: My journey through a rainstorm and harassing poor people in another state with my random information needs!

When I finished my meeting, I stepped outside and saw it pouring down rain, thundering, and really violent. A few hours earlier, it was windy and grey-bottomed cumulus clouds were rising in the east(?). It reminded me a lot like the scene of Inama Nushif in the first part of the Children of Dune Miniseries, so I sang the Fremen lines to myself^^ I wonder if the lyrics mean anything in real Arabic.

Anyway, I set out with my trusty umbrella to trudge home through the waters! When I opened my umbrella, not one but two of the ribs had come loose... T__T So I fixed them temporarily and then ran out into the typhoon!
Besides the fact that it was thundering menacingly and I had a metal umbrella, it was a lot of fun - heehee. The sidewalks were swimming and some patches of the road had huge pools at least a couple of inches deep. I got wet just from the blowing wind, but the puddles got my socks damp, too. Still, it was refreshing, since I knew I could go to my room, shower up, and do laundry.
And that's exactly what I did!
My laundry needed done, so I washed up first and then did my clothes. Now I have clean clothes and I won't catch a cold :D

After getting things in order, I chatted with my parents. As it turns out, they got me a new winter coat!! I have had a pea-coat from a number of years ago, but my grandmother was harassing my mom that it was outdated and I needed something nicer and more spiffy. So, mom picked me up a nice fuzzy dark brown coat at the store today! ^__^ I am so excited! I hope my winter hat goes with it!^^
Also, I sent them on a mission for me. (Note: the coat was not a mission for me, exactly, since I didn't even know they had that as a plan...that was all my grandmother!) But I found some really obscure articles researching Aaron's breastplate in a Lapidary Journal from ages ago. Unfortunately, UM Libraries didn't have a version for me from that date. But, guess who did? Yep, Bucknell. Bucknell always has the stuff I need from old gagaku music books to out-of-date Lapidary journals XD

Well, dad copied the article for me and we were discussing it some. Dad seemed to find it interesting, but he said he had trouble with the copiers... Whoops! I hope he enjoyed running about the university library - I know I always do! ^__^ So both dad and I were fighting with old journals today!
I also emailed a store in Wisconsin to see if they had any other books about the Aaronic Breastplate. I hope I hear back and I hope they don't think I am crazy! But amazon failed me, so I had no where else to turn!
I do have random interests :p


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