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Nice, family day

Today was such a nice day that I feel sad trying to summarize it with text.
My parents came to visit me today. :)
They planned to arrive between 10-10:30, so I pulled myself out of bed at 9:30 to get things ready. When all was in order and I still didn't hear from them, I set to working up some notes on Leviticus. I need to finish this book by tomorrow! Also, I was trying to make some lists to keep details straight.
Well, about 10:45 my phone went off and I was relieved to hear that mom and dad had finally arrived! They pulled around to the side to drop off their supplies: a lamp for the sitting area, some books & articles, a new winter coat (:D), groceries, a new computer mic, and other miscellaneous things.

As far as groceries went, there was quite a load! I don't have a car, so my parents volunteered to pick up what I needed and bring it along with them. So they had things like water, a bottle of green tea (ohh!^^), string cheese, hot dogs, broccoli, hamburgers, lots of whole-wheat pita bread, mandarin oranges, soup... Then, my grandmother had sent a bunch of food: home-grown potatoes & pears, applesauce, and jam! Wow, it's like the harvest festival here in my apartment! ^__^
In addition, there were lots of other things! My grandmother had bugged my mom to buy me a new winter coat, because my old pea coat is..well...old. There's nothing wrong with my pea coat, and I do like it a lot, but my grandmother thought I could use something a little more stylish than sailor clothing. *shrugs* Anyway, mom found a really fuzzy coat with a furry inside and collar. There's no hood, but I guess that will work out since I have a special winter hat! ^__^ The outside and the inside of the coat are really cuddly - mmmm I can't wait to wear it!
Then, I had asked my dad to copy some pages from an old Lapidary journal (1960?) while he was in Lewisburg at Bucknell. He did and brought these, too. It was actually an article about the production of the replica of Aaron's Breastplate that resides in Wisconsin. The copied images are in black and white, but I am really interested in reading the article!! *excited* Dad also brought me some booklets - one on the Tabernacle and it's relation to Christ and another on the shofar and it's history. I wish I had time to read more!

Well, while this was fun stuff, I really just enjoyed spending time with my parents. I showed them my latest projects and assignments, which both scared and amused them, and then we went to IHOP for lunch. I got a cheesy omlet & pancakes with butter pecan syrup. It was delicious. Mom tried the country fried steak, which she had never eaten before. I think she loked it. :D Dad got some yummy platter that came with a delectable dessert - which he then shared with mom^^

Following lunch we sat around my room, called my brother to chat, caught up on news both here and at home, played with our phone's digital cameras, and snacked on pineapple, another treat sent up from Gettysburg. My parents were considering going to a paint store to look for hypoallergenic paint and then start back home at 5:00, but we took it easy and had too much fun. They ended up leaving around 6:30 but found traffic to be quite light, so I was glad for that. Now they are safe and sound back at home, sleeping before church tomorrow.
I spent the evening reading LBSC690 chapters for Monday's class. Now I am sleepy, too, though I should work on church studies... Where can I find more time for all this good stuff? :p

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