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My brother's midterm week...or is it mine?

Well, my brother has a midterm tomorrow. Already?!
This week has been chaotic work for me, so far. Yesterday I worked in the morning, then rushed to eat and then compile/post an essay to an online class group. After this, I got some Reeces Pieces, read some of Leviticus. (Yes, it was neat because I read about the Day of Atonement and it was Yom Kippur!)
Class was crazy, since everyone got scrambled grades on the homework. In the end, it was worked out, but everyone was so upset! I held my tongue, but so many were expressing their noisy complaints to the professor and his aide. This made for an uptight class... We did html, but many were unfamiliar with it and uncomfortable, so tensions got higher. I finally learned the art of a table, though! Now I can do layers and tables :D I don't know which I prefer^^
After getting home and taking a quick shower, I did an assignment for class Tuesday afternoon! Whew. It was a wild day.

Today I took a slower pace, but I did poke at my projects for Reference class and am progressing.

Tomorrow I have a lot of loose ends to tie up -- some double checking of library layouts, resources, evaluating a couple reference books, visiting a Special Collections... It will be quite a bit of running around, but should be tolerable. Thursday, though. Thursday I have a long presentation to make...

That can wait for another day. For now, I am full on the last of the boiled chestnuts & a fresh chocolate-coconut snack cake, shall get cleaned up, and get some sleep.

There's so much else I wanted to get done today, but it will have to wait for tomorrow.

Yeah, I checked out a book about Thera-Atlantis yesterday. I am working on a story and needed to check some dates... I also asked a reference librarian if there is a name book which includes the names written in their native script. I am excited! Oh, and a final note -- my dad sent a copy of a list of the semi-precious gemstones in Exodus with all the different translations and possible meanings. Ohhh, I am excited! Hooray for learning fun things outside of coursework!

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