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Weekend rest

Between stuffed animals and snapshots from German silent films, I am pretty happy^^ Not to mention that I turned in my Resource Evaluation today and ate a yummy dinner of macaroni & cheese with broccoli! I am having issues with the second batch of chestnuts, though. I wonder if there is an easy way to get at the tasty insides? Maybe I need to invest in a nut-cracker?

On another note - I may be doing some work on my Atlantis story this coming week. I got some ideas a few days ago but haven't gotten the chance to work them out into writing. Plus I am waiting for some good music to work by.

In recap news: I spent Thursday with the Bible study group I meet with on Mondays on campus. It was a lot of fun! They were all so welcoming and even had Chinese food, ice cream, and card tricks to share!
I am half-way through Numbers. Got as far as Balaam's donkey. That's an episode that I remember hearing a sermon on years ago on TV, but never could remember where in the Bible it appeared. What with that and the incident with Eleazar's son Phinehas and the spear, I am really enjoying reading through Numbers! It's yet another amazingly intriguing book that I never really appreciated before.

And now I must be off and get things ready - 'red up', we say in PA. I miss PA! Covered bridges and old oak trees...

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