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Long-short weekend

At Bible study Friday, we finished the first chapter of John! There, my teacher, Maria, told me that there was a group going hiking Saturday morning. I decided to go, since all I do Saturday mornings is sleep. That afternoon and evening I got a bit panicky and cranky about my classes :p Whoops.

Saturday I went hiking! And I didn't get back until 5pm. I did manage to get some homework (650-problem sets) started between that and my evening.

The hiking trip was quite pleasant. The trees in northern Maryland are golden with some red and orange are sprinkled here and there. We went to Catoctin Park, which is on Rt. 15. It was the way home...just another three hours up Rt. 15 and you pass by my home... While walking, I got the chance to talk with a lot of the church members. It was really nice. I talked to one lady about the Korean language, to a missionary about family life and culture, and to an undergraduate about engineering. They were all so friendly that it made me very happy. At some points in the path, I had to run over rocks and dried leaves to keep up with the small children, and at others I had to slide down mossy hills sideways. We stopped at a creek to sit on the rocks. I found a spot by a still pond and watched the leaves skim the water. Be still and know...
When we finally climbed the peak of the hill and reached the top, we all enjoyed a hearty lunch! I had Korean sushi roll type thing and a sandwich that was possibly the most delicious sandwich I have ever eaten. It was on a soft roll with round cheese, a fresh tomato slice, and lettuce. It was wonderful to rest, since my lungs had been struggling to get up the hill. My legs were fine and my side didn't ache, but I did have a little trouble breathing.
I think I slept in the car a little on the way home, even though I tried to fight it. I also poked a bug out of the car when poor Sarah next to me was trying to blow it away for fear of touching it. :p heehee

Saturday evening, then, I had a special surprise! ^__^ I got to hear a shofar! :D It was so much fun and I was still grinning about it today!

Today was church & homework day. I do want to mention that after church I had the tastiest meatballs! I don't know how they made them...Between that, the fluffy white rice, and the salad with sweet peppers/pickled things, I was so satisfied. I went home and did lots of studying with Jae, my roomate, at the kitchen table. She has a cold, so I made chicken & rice soup for dinner (heated it in the microwave^^). We enjoyed it together! After this I finished my three problem sets, my website for 690, and talked to my brother. He had a long night, but ended it with Warhammer 40K, so I hope he is feeling better^^ It really isn't easy being a college student sometimes.

Tomorrow is work, Bible Study (I John), and comp sci class. Here we go closer and closer toward the end of the semester, the end of another month. And while every day is full of work and chores for me, I am invited to the wedding feast, if I will just come. And you, too^^ Luke 14:17.

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