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Dune settings!

Instead of studying like the good girl I usually I am, but I was looking at lists of hex codes and changed the look of my journal dramatically! There is a new icon up as of now - it will probably be changed in a few days when I am bored again. It is from the new Dune Miniseries and I claim it NOT to be my own - it belongs to those who created n stuff. They have copywrite and everything. I don't wish to make any gain from their images - it is just for personal aestheticness^^ Thanks for understanding...aka - I dont wanna get in trouble 0:) And how old am I? Hm...well, what can I say, I live on the politician and lawyer's floor so I wanna walk very softly, ne?
The icon is a pic of Paul Atrieds, I beleive, he is the Emperor of Dune in Dune Messiah. But he was known as Muad'Dib also.
I really have to get back to work now but yay on my new "layout"!! ^_^
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