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My mind is full again.
It's been back to work this evening, with other work mixed in. I finished the Book of Judges and it has left me utterly and thoroughly disturbed. "Oh, love of God; Oh, sin of Man" sums up my state of shock. I think before I go to bed I need to read something a bit comforting...Good thing the Book of Ruth comes next.
I am sitting here with my information hunt essays on my lap and I really don't want to edit & submit them! You know that feeling of anxiety when you know you will be graded and you don't feel confident about what you have done? I have been wrestling with that for over 2 months now with this silly information hunt. I think it will be "good riddance" once it is finally done.
I can't shake this shaken feeling.

(Maybe the Spaghetti Western icon will scare it away.)

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