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So close yet so far

I read once that when you are working hard and completely into it, sickness will wait to knock you down until you have finished or hit a platuea...well, I am pushing off a cold or something with my crazed schedule this least until Thursday afternoon. I hope that saying proves true and I can remain healthy till my main stuff is out of the way. It had something to do with the chemicals the body makes but I don't remember. Anyway, if I can keep focused I can stay calm and on track. If not I will just simply be overloaded. Ah..but so far all is as well as possible - even with the stuffy nose. I hope the Lab practical exam goes ok. Hmm..I wonder what all we'll have to id - hemolymph and Subclavian Arteries? All this to drop a Bio Major...*shakes head* The things I do and the things I don't. I am not looking forward to class sign up at all. It makes me feel insecure..Anybody have any ideas of what to do with a Japanese Major? I may have some after tomorrow's meeting with Career Counseling.
Well, jya for now!

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