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Great Day (Asian lunch and M&C)

Today was so nice!

For starters, I got to sleep in. That was nice! The sun started shining in my eyes around 9 or 10, though and it tried to pull me away from my dream. I had a strange dream involving war, elevators, and sweet-memories. I woke up and recorded it, as well as indexed all the dreams I have recorded from this year.

At 1:00, my roommate and I went to the Asian grocery store. I got rice, nori, eggs, fresh bread, and maccha-dessert-cakes that I haven't have since Asuka. It was fun and on the way we got the chance to chat some. It is sad because we are both too busy to really spend time together. Since we had the time though, we had an Asian lunch! Spicy ramen (Korean), vegetable dumplings (Chinese), and warm anpan-buns (Japanese). It was a lot of fun but I was no good eating the ramen with chopsticks! :p I was so full and happy. I felt like taking a nap! Good thing I saved my comp sci homework for my half-sleeping state.

This evening I popped in my Master and Commander Soundtrack and immediately decided that I needed to watch the movie. It is just so good... So I watched it together with Claire-chan! Well, more or less^^ I needed a night like this for a while. And you probably have already noted the new Hollom icon. Hooray icons!

And now the movie is over, I had some bread with jam because I lack a chocolate bar as a snack, and now am just relaxing at my desk with my stuffed lobster (^__^). Tomorrow I really need to do my 601 homework... Also I have to meet with my 690 group. But who wants to think about that right now?

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