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Lj name

I was considering changing my livejournal name tonight, when, out of curiosity, I plugged it into a name-site. The result was that Setsuka is a recognized name using these kanji: 節佳

Upon further investigation, (aka asking Jim Breen, dictionary), the kanji have the following meaning:

節「せつ」season, holiday, verse, song

The words are used in such compounds as:

お節料理 (おせちりょうり) New Year's food
一節 (いっせつ) A Bible verse
佳節 (かせつ) Auspicious occasion
節操 (せっそう) Constancy/integrity/honor/chastity

佳句 (かく) Beautiful passage of literature
佳景 (かけい) Beautiful view
佳什 (かじゅう) Excellent poem

I think I will leave the lj name as it stands ^__^

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