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How times change - with respect to leaders

How times change, with respect to leaders.

I was thinking back on the end of I Samuel. After King Saul and his sons fell in battle and their bodies were dragged off and hung on the walls of the the Philistine city Beth Shan.

Now King Saul was not the greatest guy ever. He spent a lot of time trying to kill the young man David, even when David came on command to play music to soothe the king's headaches. I mean, how many kings will toss a spear at you when you did nothing to them except slay the king's enemies and serve the king faithfully all the days of your life?...
Well, even if the king had his problems, his people, defeated terribly in the battle, banded together and went to take back his body to bury it. It was the way of the culture.

The way of culture today is to ridicule our leaders and belittle them every chance we get. I look at these American magazines and it is disgusting. I don't care what kind of person the leader is -- if that person is a leader, there are certain levels of respect that are due to that position. You may not like it, but there is a nature of authority that should not be denied. Did Israel shrug and leave Saul, the leader who led them into defeat, rot on the enemy wall? No...

There's just some kind of intense faithfulness that I sense in the old stories that I can't find anymore.

Maybe it has to do with individualism. Everybody out to make a person for themselves and thus with no need to identify with a leader. Yeah, being an individual is important - it's a gift and we should cherish it! Freedom should be appreciated. But, is there any sense of that collective faithfulness left?

I dunno, that's me rambling.

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