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Busy, but not too busy for Engrish

This weekend has been really busy but I had to take a break to check email and lj. And there I found the greatest ENGRISH in a long time: Darning needles and Panzer!
Thanks to olifhar!

Yes, like I say I have been hard at work on 690 project research (all about Iceland), 650 Dialog and Problem sets, and miscellaneous work that needed finishing before this week, and before break. Unfortunately, even if I continue to work the next two days, I will have studying to do over Thanksgiving. I have a test in 650 that I cannot escape! I organized the scholarly journal articles we read (c. 45~50 articles), course content printouts (70+ pages), notebook (140+ pages), and set aside the textbook (half of the 600 pages were required reading). Whew. Reference work is just not for me!
Tags: language, schoolwork

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