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Funny and Exciting

Conversation with my group yesterday

Megan: Ok, see you all at the presentation tomorrow!
Group: Ok, sounds good!
Heather: Megan, remember to dress up.
Megan: As what?
Group: *laughs*
Megan: O.o?
Heather: No, I mean, dress up nicely.
Megan: Oh. Right. Ok, no problem. (^_^;; <-*sweatdrop*)

Yes, I cannot speak English. However, I can speak mixed Japanese-English-Korean with my roommate Jae and her mom! :D We ate Korean dinner today and it was delicious. We had soup with sprouts (yum), brown rice, beef, lettuce, tsukemono, Korean veggie sausage with noodles, kimuchi,... It all made for a tasty and fun evening! Afterwards we sat in the living room speaking a mixture of languages all jumbled into weird sentences like:

"Let's go downstairs and do 運動!"


"せんこうは 図書館。" (=My major is 'LIBRARY.' o.O?) 

And there was more Korean stuck in there that I didn't understand.  
Also my roommate had to translate to herself when her mom spoke to me in Japanese (because while her mother and I know Elementary Japanese, Jae my roommate does not know Japanese.) My roommate kind of tilted her head curiously when she didn't know what her mother and I were saying. :D

Also, Korean ice cream is weird.
Some kinds come in a plastic tube and you have to gnaw on it, squeeze it, poke it till you can get the tasty ice cream out of the cold plastic tube. I never saw ice cream so strange as that.

Story updates:
On another note, I am developing Aestalea characters! Fabia has taken on color and I have a new character named Abigail. Also, one of the characters I split into two now has a name. I named him after one of my ancestors and gave his story a relatively happy ending (after all the gloom and doom) in addition to a deeper backstory. I have been ignoring my main characters, but I have some other ideas to throw at them eventually. I also gave Fabia siblings and two children: Echo and Fern (?). Of course, I added in Reuben a few weeks ago. He is my 'foreign exchange' student-like character. Fabia is the collector-writer and Abigail is of a more traditional style. Working with the female characters is pretty fun, since I never really do. I don't have any well developed females in the nation of Aestalea, though. I should make some, but I am afraid they will outshine Fabia the Farpencian and Abigail the Namrunian.

In the way of Biblical thoughts for this week, I was reading 2 Samuel and for some reason this verse caught me:

"For Your word’s sake, and according to Your own heart, You have done all these great things, to make Your servant know them."
2 Samuel 7:21

Doesn't that summarize God's plan and God's character in a brief phrase? He has done great things and through working with his servants His word is preserved and we can come to learn about Him. Coming to know the heart of God like David. Isn't that why we read to Bible? To learn about the God who rules even now? I know I want to learn about Him...but sometimes I feel that reading the Bible is a chore. Maybe if I look at it more as a wealth of wisdom and beauty and challenge it will be more appealing to this dark mind of mind that likes idle/idol-ness. (Belloq, no!)
I mean, if God worked that hard to make Himself known and I just pass off my Bible as being unimportant, how sad must God feel?

If a friend of mine spent years painting me a picture and when I received it I simply walked right by and never even stopped to look or say thank you, wouldn't my friend feel hurt very deeply?

It's more or less the same.
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