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Up until tonight I had not watched Children of Dune on my computer... You know what that means! (Yes, new icons!) Well, I didn't watch it all, but I did fit in some, including Inama Nushif.
There's nothing quite like singing along to a Fremen song.

Inama nushif
Al-asiri ayi
Lianni zaratha zarati

Why is it that I get so bogged down in my own stories, yet good characters are as heartwarming as a close friends? My mind as enough to keep itself busy without trying to compete with such things. (That is partially what I was trying to get at earlier, but it just wasn't working.) Also, the less complex I can keep things, the better. I tend to get myself running in these endless circles and when I look back I shake my head. That is true for homework, leisure, and everything else.

I need to find efficiency.
Then maybe I would be less hyper, less foggy-minded, and less ignorant all the time.
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