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muahahaha long live the Japanese culture

You are not European
You are not European.

What's your Inner European?
brought to you by Quizilla

In other news. "We know more if we can anchor the unknown and new to something we already know." Yeah, it's probably obvious, but it is interesting to see how often this proves the case in human psychology. That was a random thing in English, before th lab practical, so yes, I was out of it..still am. I should draw more Dune..hmm..which scene. Uh,..I still wish I were an even better drawer. I am even worse at Sumi-e ink painting!!! But it's so fun! And I wanta clearer version of my icon grates my nerves, but I just can't focus it! I tried too much! Ok, onto Dune manga! Anyone who has any tips as to inking drawings, lemme know..or ink for me :D
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