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Fire alarm, final week of class, interview...

(*As Indy - in Indy's Desktop Adventures - gets bitten by a poisonous snake*)

I had a really strange day, but amazingly, I am not collapsed for sheer exhaustion or anxiety yet! He really does care for man as He does the sparrow^^

Last night, my roommate's mom prepared to leave. The plane was to leave early this morning. I stayed up late doing 650 study-work while she did laundry. We bid farewell at 1:00am, the time I decided to quit and sleep.

I should have kept studying :p

About two hours later, the fire alarm went off.

Now, this has happened before, and it was just a glitch in the system. So...I thought they were having the same trouble. I am not sure if that was so, however. Someone came banging on the door and my roommate's mom answered it (she was still awake) and a man told her to get out. She got us out of our rooms, in turn, and together in our pajamas we went downstairs. Everyone was standing around the lobby, so we did too, finding a spot by the elevators. The big-TV was playing football recaps, so I watched it half-asleep. Somehow I had remembered to put on my glasses even in my daze!
The firemen gave us the OK to return to our rooms at 4:15, even though the alarm was still running. The alarm didn't get turned down for a few minutes, and even then it wasn't out completely.

What a crazy building! :p It has a mind of its own!!

I woke up feeling refreshed somehow... Maybe I should stay up later more often?

At work we had a safety and security meeting. People asked about the recent power outage and a captain of the police force talked to us about measures they take to keep us all safe. She was really fun to listen to and I enjoyed the workshop. I also got some crunch cake - I don't know if I have ever had that before!! Full on crunch cake, I decided to forgo lunch, instead finding a place in my 650 classroom and planning ou the rest of my week.

This evening, I have been preparing for my interview...kind of. I have the web resources and a general outline, but need to redrew a clean outline of my talk. Also, need to get some quality sleep tonight. It's been cool in my room, but I really like it like that. It's the same feeling of a vague chill on the skin after you have gone swimming and then stand around in the air for a while. My thyroid is probably not too happy, though. "Put some socks on!" it says.

I will feel so mugh lighter once tomorrow is past...
Tomorrow night is also the first night of practice for the Christmas play! I am a caretaker at an orphanage :D More on this after tomorrow.
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