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For the first time this week, I am tired. And I am really tired.

Today I had an interview for a graduate position at the library, shared dinner with a number of Korean Christians, and arrived (late) to play practice at my local church. It's been getting noticeably colder the past few days and the dryness in the air is making my clothes static-y and my hair flat. I don't mind these things, and in fact the cold weather has been refreshing! I am happy it is finally feeling like the month of December.

Weaknesses in language can be detrimental to my future health!
This is why:
At the interview, they asked for a word to describe myself. I thought immediately of the concept: energetic-cheerful and said: 'upbeat.' What I really meant was 'genki,' but unfortunately I cannot use this at an American interview.
Silly languages lacking proper vocabulary!

Today is also my parent's anniversary! ^__^ Congrats!
They claim they were married twice, since before they were officially married, they participated in "wedding service practice" for a classmate who needed to run through a the marriage service as a part of seminary classwork.

But for now, I think I will go to bed. I have a take-home to begin tomorrow, but studying before this, work, notes to type up on the Book of Jude, John chapter 4 reading, sleep to catch up on, cramming for finals next week, finishing of a technology project, and other sorts of things. Also have to make time to put up my mini-Christmas tree.

This Christmas season should be a bright one :)

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