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Leaves of marble and of brown

The floor of the Plant Sciences Building is designed with green tear-drop-motifs. I think they look like stylized leaves. It is fun when these marble leaves are interstrewn with crumpled brown oak leaves from Paintbranch Road. The cold winter winds drove them inside to spin about the green marks on the floor. I was entertained by them as I sat huddled in my coat on the bench studying for class.

In leaving the building, I had the chance to see a bright white moon outlining a dark cloud with silver. In the western skies, red clouds. The clouds are always red here at night...

I was in a rush to get home and get working at Java. I need to learn this in order to keep my "Designing the Human-Computer Interface course" in the spring. I need to learn a lot before I talk to my advisor next Tuesday. Waaa! I will complete my take-home final for 601 tomorrow after Bible Study and then begin cramming a semester's worth of notes and reading for my in-class 650 test. Oh yeah, and I have to finish my 690 website... Hmmmm.... Why didn't I do more of this sooner? Now I remember - I was busy O.o The story of my student-life! ^__^

Despite the fact that I am fearful of having to think about jobs and future plans someday soon, I will love the fact that I have no homework. I can learn how to build a radio and design webpages to my heart's content! Not to mention read more indepth through my Bible...I haven't yet finished Second Samuel. Soon we get into Psalms and then King Solomon's writings - which makes me happy. Also, the prophets...I am really excited about that. I have studied Daniel, but other than this, I haven't heard many (if any?) sermon studies on the prophets. I think they studied one while I was in Japan, but I missed it! So much to learn and hear about! My plush donkey sits on my bed tilting his head in what I take to be agreement. :)

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