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Finals Week at Library School

Finals Week - the challenging march

It all started...when? Last Thursday, I think. I got my take-home final for 601 class. I didn't complete it until today! The essays were very thought-provoking and comprehensive. I finally finished fighting with it and submitted it in this afternoon at about 5 or 6.
In between that time, I had Tuesday. Tuesday was the day I met with my advisor, took my 650 final, and presented my 690 xml project. I was cramming for 650 and poking at revisions to weblayouts that morning and was pretty anxious. You can read more about the advisor meeting in the next section, but let me say that the final went all right, and the presentation went well! My group members were nervous, but I was actually really excited. Our final project can be found here: on my WAM account. (Only viewable on Internet Explorer at the moment).
The professor really seemed interested. He had his TA darken all the lights and moved up closer to see. He may even use it was an example for future students. We were thrilled! Now my group and I are very enthusiastic about website design ^__^

Finalized Schedule for the next full year

Yes, like I say, I met with my advisor Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes, I really appreciate the European way. Unlike many of my advisors, who shrug and tell me to take whatever classes I happen to feel like, my advisor here listed out a selection of courses from the schedules he had and designed a specialized program for Information Architecture. I was thrilled :D This will be my life for the next year:

Fall Term 2006:

Information Use
Information Access
Information Technology

Winter Term 2007:

Management & Administration for the Information Professional

Spring Term 2007:

Information Structure
Database Design
Designing the Human-Computer Interface

Summer Term I:

Management of Electronic Records and Information

Summer Term II:

Access to Business Information

Fall Term 2007:

Construction and Maintenance of Index Languages and Thesauri
Information Retrieval Systems
Principles of Human-Computer Communication


Looking ahead

I still have one final to go. I was supposed to have done my take home final and started studying for it today, but I was too busy with 601 essays and three loads of laundry. Tomorrow I will start studying...
I will be performing in a church Christmas play Sunday and will be going out with my on-campus Bible study group for a special Moroccan soon, too. I am very excited! ^__^ I have never gone to a restaurant like this before...
I return home next Tuesday morning/afternoon. I really can't wait. It doesn't feel like Christmas here in a quiet apartment with finals on my shoulders and a dose of exhaustion. Being home will be wonderful^^ And while I am there, I hope to steal my brother's JAVA books...
After Christmas I will be having a special visitor. We've been in contact for a few months now and he will be coming to stay with my family for a few days. I am looking forward to it!
I would write more about all these things, but since the exam, my brain is a bit delayed...
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