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Christmas-time News

Christmas Preparations & Sickness.
I got home Tuesday night, got busy the following morning, got sick Friday night,...

Well, my parents came to the dorm and picked me up Tuesday afternoon after visiting my grandparents. We were going to do that on the way home, but they were on their way to see the Christmas lights in Hershey, PA that evening. I busied myself with idle things until my parents arrived, because I couldn't get my mind to stand still.
My roommate, Jae, and I did find a few minutes to sit by our tiny Christmas tree (the one I had in the Japanese dorm 2 years ago). We decorated it with little balls and snowflakes. I did watch a few Christmas shows a few days before, but we didn't have time to watch any together. I hope she watched some after I left^^
Well, my parents asked if I would drive home some of the way, and I did. I do not really love driving, but I can do it when I have to :p We had some trouble getting the tank refilled with gas in Gettysburg, but it slowed us down enough to miss an accident. This is why I should never complain!
My father wasn't feeling so well that evening after dinner, though. The following three days he was on the couch sick! Also, my mother had some medical tests to finish the next day. So poor mom was worn out and desirous of a nap, but refused to go to bed till my dad woke up enough to get some fluids in him. I was so brain-shocked from the semester and from finals that I sort of sat in a daze! I did help some, though. Together my mother and I finished the Christmas errands, got groceries, and tidied up the house. All until Friday.

Well, it started Friday night after we returned home from picking up my brother in Rochester. The trip was pretty fun, even though the weather was scary. It rained the whole way up and back and we didn't know if it would turn to snow in the mountains and high-places. It didn't, thankfully. I got to see my brother's dorm room in the corner. It is a comfortably sized room with maps of Europe and Morrowind on the wall. We carried out his things through the rain to the car and took off. We had some fun conversation on the way home about Christmas presents and computer science. I felt ok all this time.
We got home around dinner time and ate leftovers, followed by a viewing of A Christmas Carol staring George C. Scott. It was really good! It was shortly after that, though, that I started feeling really bad.
I was so sick the next day that I hardly moved or ate anything. Bleh. I can't really remember what I did do. I think I slept a lot. My grandparents came to visit for a while, too. They helped cheer me up! It was the first time I saw them since Thanksgiving. A little later that evening I got to talk to Joe to settle plans for his visit this coming weekend :D Here's hoping for a safe trip!

Christmas Eve Service.
A very bright evening at my little church...

By Sunday night I was feeling a little better. I ate some food and could get around a bit better. A good thing, too, because I was a reader at the Christmas Eve service!

The Christmas Eve Service this year was really nice. :) The church was full and everyone was dressed in colorful, warm outfits. My mother and I wore matching red velvet dresses. The service was a series of Scripture readings by seven members of the congregation, comments on them and the Christmas holiday by my father, communion, and songs. We had the lights dimmed and candled down the aisle lit. Towards the end of the service, we darkened all the overhead lights and lit individual candles to sing silent night. The mood was calm and beautiful. I was so happy to see some people I hadn't seen in a long time, and to share the night with some more familiar faces :) I can't think of a better Christmas Eve service!

After we got home, we peeked into all the tins of cookies we had received. It is a tradition of our church to shower the preacher and his family with all kinds of Christmas goodies :D It's a tradition I love - teehee. I was feeling much better by then and snitched a Russian tea cake... Even my mom tried some, and she never eats sweets^^

Christmas Celebrations.
I love Christmas! :D

I found it hard to sleep through the night; but by 4:00 am, I finally fell into a deep sleep that lasted until 9:00. I woke up just in time!
There were a lot of wonderful gifts under the tree this year! My brother got some new clothes, Medieval II: Total War (a computer game), some books, and some music. I got him IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) records, which was something he had been wanting to buy, but didn't expect to receive. I tricked him, too! :p
The CD I got him has a big painting of the artist's face, so I drew a picture of my own face in the same style and put it in an empty CD box... He thought I got him a CD! So when he was ready to open it he said: "I have an idea what this is."
Megan: "The joke's on you!" :p
Matt: ... >.> ?
He opened it and said..."Oh, I see. It didn't arrive yet...??"
Then I jumped up and grabbed the wrapped LPs that lay on top the video cassettes by our TV. Then his face beamed! ^___^ He was really excited!

My brother was really nice to me too and got me a video game - Chariots of War. It is a turn-based game that takes place in the ancient middle east and you can play as one of 58 nations, including the Assyrians, Babylonians, Midianites, and Israelites. Oh, it is really nerdy and I am excited for the day when I have enough time to play it!^^

From my parents, I got the Indiana Jones Trilogy! :O Hooray! Also, a nice earth-toned sweater, ES Posthumus CD, and a new Bible! The Bible is a study Bible, the kind my Bible study recommended to me. My parents got me a copy in blue leather with my name engraved in silver on the cover :) They also gave me a nice carrying case for it. I am going to try to keep this Bible free of notations, while continuing to mark up my older one. I am really excited^^ Oh, and I got a Spaghetti Western - woohoo. Now I have a growing collection of movies complete with adventures, one western, one sailing movie, and a silent film.

I got my father (with the help of my mother) an audio version of the Bible read in part by James Earl Jones^^ He will get good use of it, I am sure! Mom told me that he wore out his old audio Bible on tape already... I got mom a print of an Iris and butterfly for her newly painted room. We need a frame, yet, but I think it will look cute on her yellow walls^^ For pap, we got a surprise: two bottle of wine! :O He was so shocked that he just laughed. I think he really liked it - heehee.

Lunch was tasty and fun as always^^ Mom had ham, potatoes, yams, corn, crescent rolls, applesauce, and cranberry sauce. Everything was delicious. Pap told us old stories of how he used to get in trouble as a kid. He said people used to smoke cornsilk back in the day when it was in season...eww! We had fun chatting over lunch and I was very happy to be able to eat a full meals worth after my sickness!
After lunch, we snacked on cookies and tasted the wine. It was really tasty and made everyone sleepy.

In the afternoon we took it easy. I watched Matt play Medieval II. It is really pretty! That evening we went up to visit more with gram and pap. We watched a football game and talked about satellite tv/aluminum siding. That night my brother burned mp3's of one of his records and then we all went to bed!

Today we are planning to red up (=clean up), eat leftovers to clear the fridge, and possibly visit the mall to get 2007 calendars now that they are half price. We shall see! :D

What a good Christmas this year^^
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