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Monday, Winter Term

Work today at 9:00am. There were jobs waiting for me when I got there! Edits to be made to webpages, forms to fill out, projects to begin. It feels good to be back to work!
I picked up an NIV Bible at the bookstore before getting lunch. I feel more prepared now! I opened it in the CLIS lounge later. It had never been handled and so all the pages stuck together. When I flipped through, it crinkled. Such a satisfying sound! The typeset is different, too, and I like it. The letters are skinnier and taller than normal. I wanted to read more, but I had work to do. I reviewed notes, read the next to last chapter in the textbook, and scheduled out the next few days work. By then, it was about time for class. Class was short, but the discussion for our case was long and indepth. I feel very confident about this presentation in comparison to the last two.
I got back to the apartment around 7:30, showered, cooked a bowl of rice. I ate it with stringed cheese and two cookies. Tasty! Then I chatted with my parents and friend online, followed by work with Java loops. I got two out of the three... ^_^;
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